the style council

Recently, I had the pleasure of being commissioned by my friend Josh, to capture some images for his new website. Josh is a very talented hair stylist, and it was great to create some environmental portraits for him.
I usually like to do a straightforward headshot in my sessions, but for this first image I used a freelens technique to focus squarely on his eyes. After all, being a stylist is all about vision.

Like any effective environmental portrait, I wanted to use some of the tools of the trade as details.

Shooting in the salon lent a nice, soft light, but I wanted to also mix things up a bit and shoot a portrait that had more of an edge. That was as easy as going in a hallway of Josh's building and using some directed, off-camera flash. Again, I made sure to keep a comb and pair of scissors in there to give some clues as to his profession.

Josh, thanks again for having me shoot you!