A sunset kind of love

After a few weeks of circling the runway, so to speak, I've landed. I moved into an apartment in Edmonds, just a little bit north of downtown Seattle. It's a great little shoreline town that reminds me in some ways of Ventura, California.
Yesterday, I capped off an afternoon of garage sales and furniture hunting by walking down to the waterfront, taking in the sunset and capturing a few images along the way.
This is probably one of my favorite images recently. It's candid, well-framed and (despite being just a little blurry) tells a story of a moment in time. This couple only stopped long enough for me to pull out my phone and quickly frame a shot before they moved on.


a few images from saturday's trek to catalina island, just 26 miles off the coast of san pedro, but a world away from the daily grind. we had perfect weather and partly sunny skies while we rambled around the town of avalon.

the wrigley memorial and botanical gardens sit atop a hill over avalon, erected in honor of william wrigley jr., who was instrumental in developing avalon.

a round-trip ticket to avalon: $66. watching golden sunlight fall over the hills like a blanket: priceless.

i rarely post personal photos here, but this about sums up a day spent on the island.