Voices raised as one

"Fight, fight until the end."
The voices of many, echoing in a canyon of concrete, glass and steel. Protesters crowded outside the Turkish consulate in Los Angeles this afternoon, demanding Turkey finally acknowledge the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Old and young, crying out for justice.

Seattle moments

The past month has been crazy. After nearly 11 years in Southern California, I packed my life into the car and headed north, to the Evergreen State. It's time for a new chapter, a new season. So I'm settling in and getting acquainted to life in the Pacific Northwest, moving into a place minutes from downtown Seattle.
While I've been doing a lot of iPhone shooting lately, a few days ago I pulled out the SLR as well, and wandered downtown with a fellow photographer. Seattle is a great city for street shooting.

Coming and going...

I've fallen in love with the iPhone as a photo tool. There's nothing like having a quality image capture device on you at all times, particularly one that is part of your phone and takes up no extra pocket space.
Lately, I'm shooting mostly black-and-white images with Hipstamatic.

A fine day for a parade

I overslept a little this morning, but there was still time to hop on the Metro and head down to D.C.'s 40th annual St. Patrick's Day parade. Which was held, yes, on March 13. I suppose it's more convenient to do it on a weekend. It was an absolutely perfect day for a parade along the National Mall, with clear skies, temperatures around 62, a slight breeze and trees starting to bud.
You won't find many typical parade photos here, because...if you've seen one parade you've seen them all. I'd rather focus on the little details that make up the day.
Look closely, and this first image tells you a lot about the fact that it's a public event in Washington, D.C., both patriotic and national pride in nature.
(Side note: this firefighter was kind enough to pose for a portrait next to his engine, which I'll post once that film is developed.)

Not only was this firefighter sporting an awesome mustache, he dyed it green for the day.

There was absolutely nothing wild about this bunch.

This awesome marching band was ahead of a group of fire engines that all had their sirens blaring. Somehow, it all blended into one cacophonous, raucous unintentionally cool composition.

I mean, if you have a green Cadillac, why not bring it out to the parade?

Is this man not awesomely Irish? I dare you to disagree. (Though the conflicting "Kiss me, I'm Irish" and "Honorary Irishman" buttons seemed a bit confusing.)

Empire State of mind

New York City. Hot or cold, it's one of my favorite cities. On Jan. 4, it was bitterly cold. Still, it was a great day to wander city streets, see the awesome Flatiron Building up close and shoot some wintry portraits with my friend Perla.

This first shot of the Flatiron was a happy accident. A bit overexposed, and a wicked sun flare. Doesn't matter. All the things "wrong" with this image make it for me.

I'm still working on my freelensing technique. It's lo-fi and it's fun. This was shot on the High Line, an old elevated subway track near the Meatpacking District that's been converted into a landscaped walkway. Lots of greenery and places to sit, and great views of the waterfront.

One of the things I love about shooting in cities is the way you find light where you don't expect it. This shaft of afternoon light was like a pillar of warmth down in the cold, shady canyons of lower Manhattan.

The High Line runs right under the Standard Hotel, which makes for a nice, modern backdrop. Add a little off-camera flash, a little angling and a model who's willing to take off her coat on a 30-degree day, and you've got a recipe for success.

When it comes to post-processing, I try to keep things simple. This image is an example of that. Most of the magic was seeing some great, golden light reflecting off buildings and finding the right place to use it.

They take parking very seriously in New York, as the sign indicates.

Sometimes you need to back your subject into a corner. Literally. I couldn't have asked for a better contrasting background.

Speaking of contrast, it makes for great background detail. It's even better when it plays off one of the colors your subject is wearing.

Think you need a tripod to take good photos? Not always. This is a shot at 1/10 of a second, handheld. It was simply a matter of finding something against which to brace myself (in this case a fire hydrant) and stilling myself. There's a nice bit of blur in the foot and vehicle traffic, but the hotel sign is still in focus.

what is a life?

i figured it was time to unveil a few more photos from my time in europe. i wound up with a lot of favorites, so it'll take me a little time to narrow down the absolute best, but here's some that i like. enjoy.

the best cup of turkish coffee i'd had in about five years!

the amazing cathedral of st. vitus in prague. the church took 600 years (!) to complete.

night falls on dresden, germany.

the ever-busy potsdamer platz in berlin.

the amazing square right across the street from the hilton berlin. an awesome place to sit, people watch and enjoy the sunset.

berlin's brandenburg gate

a chance moment at busy and bustling alexanderplatz in berlin.

a wonderful, enchanting rainy night walking the slippery cobblestone streets of prague.
that's it for now. expect more.
and expect lots more great images from my 30for30 shoots in july and august, very soon!